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Vitamin A – Get All The Benefits

Do you know that Vitamin A is truly one of the most important vitamins that your body needs? If you would like to live a healthy life, you surely need the right supply of Vitamin A.   One of the easiest way how to get it is a green powder product.

What Can Vitamin A Do?

Vitamin A is vital for the health because it helps in doing the following functions:

  • It can improve your body’s overall development and growth.
  • It can help strengthen your immune system so you will ward off various diseases.
  • It can improve the condition of your skin.
  • It is known to enhance your eye health.
  • It can boost your thyroid function.

Based on the things that Vitamin A can do, you should be convinced by now that you need it but perhaps you want to know more about it just to be sure about what you will get. Vitamin A is normally stored in fat cells. They are absorbed by the body better with the intake of good fat.

Types of Vitamin A

You should realize that Vitamin A comes in many types namely:

  • Retinoids – This is the type of Vitamin A that comes from animal food products. This is considered t be an “active” form of Vitamin A. The moment that it is consumed, the body can already use it.
  • Carotenoids – This is the type of Vitamin A that comes from plants. If you like taking green products, this is the type of Vitamin A that you will come across with. This is normally placed in the liver for future use. It will be converted into the active form of Vitamin A before it will be used by the body.

If you are curious about the kind of Vitamin A that you will see in green products, you will come across beta-carotene most often. It comes in the body as an inactive form of Vitamin A but once it is converted, the body uses it like the usual, normal Vitamin A.

Vitamin A - Get All The Benefits | Grab Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens contains the right amount of Vitamin A and it is good for everyone. This is great for animals because they do not have to be slaughtered just for human beings to get the amount of Vitamin A that they need. This is also great for vegetarians and vegans who have tried their hardest to let go of eating anything that is related to meat.

Vegetarians and vegans are known to suffer from Vitamin A deficiency because they do not get the right amount of Vitamin A from the food that they eat. With Grab Athletic Greens and other green products, they will get the right amount of Vitamin A and more essential nutrients that the body needs a lot.

Vitamin A - Get All The Benefits | Grab Athletic Greens

One thing to remember about Vitamin A: it is needed by each cell of the body because each cell has to know what it needs to grow into. Just imagine if a cell that is supposed to be part of the foot turns into something else instead. It can stop proper growth and development. Choose the right green products for your needs now.

Why I take Athletic Greens powder every day Grab Athletic Greens 2

Why You Should Have Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a superfood beverage that claims to improve both your mental and physical health. It keeps you charged through the day by providing enough green vegetables and fruits. There are plenty of reasons for you to include Athletic Greens in your daily food supplements. Here are the most important reasons among them :

Unmatchable combination of ingredients

Athletic Green is a unique combination of ingredients that are well thought and put together. It consists of seventy-five ingredients which you cannot put together in a blender by yourself to prepare a smoothie or a juice. Raw greens, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, prebiotics, probiotics, co-factors, enzymes, mushrooms, micronutrients, and herbs. It comprises of all types of natural substances that will help to improve your overall health, stamina, and immunity.

Rejuvenates your energy

Energy plays a vital role in helping us to do our daily activities. You need a substantial amount of energy to go to the gym, walk or do physical training sessions. It is also helpful to keep your brain fresh and working through the day. Athletic Greens provides enough energy to pull off even the toughest of physical tasks. Apart from doing the physical tasks your require energy to have a healthy body and mind.

Magical touch of antioxidant

The main function of antioxidants is to counteract the free radicals in our bloodstream which will otherwise cause various health symptoms. The number of free radicals produced by our body is far more than the antioxidants it produces. Therefore it is necessary to consume food items that consist of antioxidants.

Why You Should Have Athletic Greens | Grab Athletic Greens

The most exciting property of the ingredients used to make Athletic Greens is that they all act as wonderful antioxidants. It consists of green tea extract, broccoli flower along with many other herbs that are natural antioxidants.

Is the Athletic Greens really worth the money? Don’t miss my Athletic Greens Review

Immunity and stamina for athletes

Athletes require more immunity and stamina when compared to a normal person. Immunity helps them to have a healthy body so they can give their best performance. Stamina increases the longevity of their performance. Athletes are recommended to consume two servings of Athletic Greens every day (preferably in the morning and afternoon). One serving a day is sufficient for others.

Best solution for digestive problems

Athletic Greens is available in powder form. When you consume it in the form of a drink along with the water it directly goes down to your digestive glands. It consists of 7.2 billions of probiotics from two streams that regulate digestion and reduce inflammation levels. Ashwagandha, which is another important ingredient of Athletic Greens cures constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders.

Improving mental health with Athletic Greens

Mental health is as important as our physical health. These days many people suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress. This can be due to various factors like unhealthy lifestyle, the pressure in academics and career and so on.

Athletic Greens consists of herbs that are effective in reducing stress level and anxiety. You can see the results within the first five days of using it.

Start using Athletic Greens right away to have a healthy body and mind!

Green supplements

Everything You Need to Know About Green Supplements in 2018

There is one thing that is highly popular now with a lot of individuals who would like to live a healthier lifestyle: green supplements. A lot of people think that green supplements are all the same but on the contrary, there are some that are good for the health and there are also some that will not do much for you.

Fastest Growing Supplements

It is evident that green supplements are highly popular nowadays. Who would not want to get their needed daily amount of fruits and vegetables in powder form? Fruits and veggies contain nutrients and vitamins that the body needs in order to function properly but most people do not get enough of it. When was the last time that you ate greens? When was the last time that you opted for fruits when choosing desserts?

Everything You Need to Know About Green Supplements in 2018 | Grab Athletic Greens

Through the use of the right greens supplement, you will be able to get a concentrated version of the fruits and vegetables that you need. That is a good thing, right? It is good as long as the greens are consumed in the right manner.

Who Normally Use Green Supplements?

It was previously mentioned that green supplements have become more popular over the past years but who are the people who are using green supplements? Basically, people who would like to have the means to enjoy life more can take green supplements but the usual people who become interested in it are the following:

  • People who would like to improve their overall body health.
  • Young people who would like to help their body develop properly.
  • Athletes and bodybuilders who would like to improve their body’s ability to recover after exercising.

It should be reiterated that the right green supplements can be very helpful for everyone. No matter what your current state is, you will get some benefits with the proper use of green supplements.

How Can Green Supplements Help?

If the green supplements will be used properly, you can be assured that your dietary health will improve immensely. Here are some of the benefits that consuming green superfood powder can provide:

  1. You will reduce the possibility of acquiring various health conditions and diseases. Those who consume fruits and vegetables regularly are known to reduce their risk of acquiring cardiovascular illnesses and high blood pressure.
  2. You will find it easier to reduce weight. One of the reasons why people become inspired to start eating healthier food products is because they want to lose the excess weight that they have gained over the years. The intake of super greens powder is not enough to reduce weight but it can prompt your body’s metabolism to go faster. This can help aid in weight loss coupled with healthy diet and exercise.
  3. You can make it easier for your body to recover from a hard exercise routine. When you exercise, your body’s acidity levels increase. When you take the right green supplement, you can alkalize the high acidity levels. This can make the body heal faster. The faster that you recover from exercise, the easier it will be for you to exercise next time.

Everything You Need to Know About Green Supplements in 2018 | Grab Athletic Greens

The body’s ability to recover is not the only thing that can be improved with the balance of the body’s pH levels. Other benefits include the following:

  • You can reduce headaches. Do you know that headaches may be caused by too much acidity?
  • You can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • You can improve your bone health.

There are still other ways that green supplements can help but these are the most common benefits that you can get. It does not mean that just because you know the benefits, it will already be enough for you to decide if you really need it or not.

Why Take Green Supplements?

Even if you consider yourself to be a healthy person, there are still some benefits that you can get when you take green supplements. You need to take green supplements because of the following reasons:

  • Even if you normally eat fruits and vegetables, the modern soil does not contain enough minerals and good bacteria anymore in order to power up the usual vegetables and fruits we can find in the market.
  • Green supplements will help you get more variety when it comes to the ingredients you are supposed to take. Even if you eat vegetables, do you eat the same vegetables every time? With green supplements, you do not have to choose. You will be given a variety of supplements
  • The current lifestyle that people lead is known to make people more stressed out and are more prone to suffer from nutrient deficiency.

Everything You Need to Know About Green Supplements in 2018 | Grab Athletic Greens

Some Important Ingredients

Aside from the usual fruits and vegetables that are in concentrated powder form, what are the ingredients that you need to look for when searching for the right super greens powder to use? Here are just a few of the ingredients you should find:

  • Royal Jelly – This is a type of ingredient produced by honey bees. This is meant to be eaten by the queen bee but this can be safe for human consumption too. This contains various amino acids, B vitamins and a lot more. This can be effective in boosting your metabolism and improving your immune system.
  • Green Tea – There are a lot of people who would like to lose weight who are very serious about their green tea intake. Green tea contains boosters that can help improve your energy levels so you can do more. At the same time, this contains norepinephrine which is a neurotransmitter in charge of reducing brain inflammation.
  • Digestive Enzymes – You can expect that the right green superfood powder will contain digestive enzymes that will be in charge of breaking down your food so that you can have better digestion and better health. Poor digestion is the number one cause of digestive problems.
  • Aloe Vera – If in case you have consumed harmful bacteria recently, the intake of green supplements that contain Aloe Vera can help reduce or reverse the effect. Aloe Vera contains oligosaccharides that can be effective in preventing the bacteria from entering your body.

Everything You Need to Know About Green Supplements in 2018 | Grab Athletic Greens

You have already learned everything that you need to know about green supplements but you have to admit that it can be a bit complicated to search for the right one. How will you choose out of all the supplements that are available?

Tips for Buying Green Supplements

You have gone to a store in order to purchase green supplements but how can you possibly choose? It is going to be complicated but here are some tips to remember:

  • Ingredients – You need to look at all of the ingredients that the green supplement offers. It does not mean that just because a supplement has more ingredients it is already better than others. You have to choose supplements with ingredients that are vital to your health.
  • Value – Some supplements are priced cheaply while others are just right. When purchasing supplements you cannot just look at the price alone. You can consider if some of the ingredients are hard to get. You also have to check how potent the ingredients are and their content.
  • Taste – Do you think you will be able to take green supplements with ease if you do not like how it tastes like? It is true that most green supplements do not taste like your usual chocolate drink but you can find a few that will taste better than others depending on the flavoring that is used by the different brands.
  • Pesticide -Free – You have to look for green supplements that do not contain pesticides otherwise you may start feeling some bad effects in the long run. Some people have reported getting some negative side effects from taking green supplements that contain pesticides. You do not have to be part of the equation.
  • Processing – You have to know by now that green supplements are all processed differently. Some go through a rigorous process in order to make them into powder form without losing their main benefits. Some green supplements do not contain the minerals and nutrients anymore because of how they are processed. Supplements that will not have any effect on your body are not worth purchasing.

Grab Athletic Greens Now

Out of all the green supplements that you will find right now, the best green supplement that you will find is Athletic Greens. This has gotten the attention of different people probably because of the various benefits that it can offer. It is only fitting that you get to know more about this green supplement now.

Everything You Need to Know About Green Supplements in 2018 | Grab Athletic Greens

Why People Choose Athletic Greens

It is quite hard to compare different types of superfood and supplements especially because there are no two supplements that are alike. There are some that are known to have a lot of ingredients but these ingredients may not be beneficial for the body. There are also some that contain a lot of grasses but they do not contain a lot of vegetables that your body truly needs.

Athletic Greens is known to be a supplement that contains over 70 ingredients. All of these ingredients are meant to improve overall body health.

When searching for the right supplement, you need to find one that has the complete formula and this is exactly what you can expect from Athletic Greens.

These are just some of the reasons why people choose Athletic Greens over all the others:

  1. All of the ingredients that are included in this supplement are all organic. Aside from quantity, since this supplement contains a lot of ingredients, you are only getting the best because of the quality ingredients.
  2. Aside from the superfoods that are included in the supplement, you can also expect the supplement to contain antioxidants and probiotics that are needed by the body. Not all green supplements contain probiotics so you know that this is already something that sets this apart from all the other powders.Everything You Need to Know About Green Supplements in 2018 | Grab Athletic Greens
  3. This has an amazing taste compared to all the other green supplements that you will find on the market. You can take a look at the various green supplements and know that this tastes better than all the others. The taste is all natural. You do not have to worry about artificial flavorings. It may taste slightly bitter but because of the ginger, it is more sweet and spicy. The bitterness is masked effectively by this product’s other ingredients.
  4. The digestive enzymes will be very effective in digesting the food products that you have consumed. The body sometimes overlooks the important nutrients that can be gotten from the food that we eat. With the help of digestive enzymes, the body will get more of the nutrients before eliminating the wastes.


These are some advantages that you can expect from taking Athletic Greens:

  • All of the ingredients placed in the supplement are all well-researched.
  • Includes non-dairy probiotics. This is effective for vegetarians and vegans who would like to avoid the intake of anything that is related to slaughter and use of animals.
  • This contains herbs that can help strengthen the immune system and can help detoxify the body from toxins.
  • If you purchase Athletic Greens from the official site, you will get 60 days money back guarantee.

The Main Problem with Athletic Greens

If there is one thing that people do not like about this green supplement, it is the price of the product. It is more expensive than all of the other products that you will see in the market but given all of the things that you can get, the price will be worth it. It is important to note that there may be some ingredients that will cause an allergic reaction to some people. It is still best to check the ingredients and see if you are allergic to some of the items listed there. This can avoid possible discomfort later on.

Even with its high price tag, Athletic Greens has to be the green superfood powder that will provide you with all of the needed nutrients and minerals that your body needs. Do not forget to include this in your diet. You will not have any regrets.

Why I take Athletic Greens powder every day Grab Athletic Greens 1

Why I take Athletic Greens powder every day

How Safe and Effective are Your Green Supplements?

If there is one thing you should realize, it is this: green supplements are not all created equal. It is best that you search for the right supplements that will improve your overall performance. One of the most well-regarded supplements is Athletic Greens.

What Makes Athletic Greens powder Different from Others?

It is not called a “Premium Superfood” for nothing. This is a green supplement that contains up to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables for every serving that you take. If you do not eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, this is one of the things that you need to include in your diet right now. You may want to check out it works green reviews so you can be familiar with the various advantages that you can get from it.

This supplement is not created from scratch. It was researched first and a lot of studies were done before the formula for the supplement was finalized so that it can be used well by a lot of people.

Read my full review of Athletic Greens product

These are the things that you can expect to get when you take Athletic Greens powder:

  • You are going to get superfoods. Expect that you are going to have nutrient-dense greens. If you have never liked taking wheatgrass before, you will surely get that when you take this supplement.
  • You are going to have antioxidants. Antioxidants are needed by the body for different purposes. The most important purpose has to be the fact that it can help get rid of the toxins that are found all over the body. Antioxidants can also be effective in slowing down the effects of aging.
  • You are going to get digestive enzymes that will be effective in digesting various food products. You can get all of the needed nutrients and get rid of the wastes.
  • Probiotics – Not all supplements contain probiotics. In fact, this may be one of the few green supplements that you will see that has this content. If you are lactose intolerant or you are finding it hard to digest fiber, probiotics will make things easier for you. Digesting food will not take as much effort as before.

Is This Greens Supplement Safe?

Your safety should always be your main concern when it comes to the supplements that you take. You do not want to consume anything that will decrease the quality of life that you are living. This supplement does not contain strong stimulants so you do not have to worry about getting anxious for no reason.

Why I take Athletic Greens powder every day | Grab Athletic Greens

Some Advantages to Expect

These are some of the benefits that you can expect to get when you take Athletic Greens powder:

  • This supplement comes with all of the vital nutrients that your body needs in order to maintain its health.
  • This will allow your body to absorb all of the needed nutrients even from the food that you eat.
  • You can become more energetic because of all the nutrients that you are getting. You will have more time doing things that you find important.

This supplement costs more than the others but all of the benefits that it can offer will make the price worth every penny. Furthermore, if you order Athletic Greens from the official site, you will be guaranteed a full refund if you return the product within 60 days. But trust me, you won’t.

The Best Green Superfood Powder is Athletic Greens Grab Athletic Greens 3

The Best Green Superfood Powder of 2018 is Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a  green supplement which helps to rejuvenate your energy and boost immunity. It is the best green superfood powder you can find and it has become popular in the market because of its unique qualities. Here are the reasons which make it the best green supplement:

Green superfood powder with the highest number of ingredients

Athletic Green is made of seventy-five ingredient which is more than any of the other green drinks in the market. Each ingredient adds significant value to the nutritional content of the product.

The most notable Athletic Greens ingredients are:

  • 7.2 billion probiotics,
  • Rhodiola Rosea,
  • Spirulina,
  • Inulin,
  • Broccoli Flower,
  • Green Tea Extract,
  • Milk thistle extract,
  • Beta-glucans,
  • Rosehip,
  • and Wheatgrass.

One common quality among these ingredients is that they are some of the best antioxidants available in nature.

Beneficial for overall health

  • Probiotics are highly effective in reducing the inflammation level. They also increase the bowel movement.
  • Rhodiola Rosea helps to control stress levels. It also reduces many other mental health problems.
  • Beta-glucans help to control blood sugar levels.
  • Ashwagandha or winter cherry cures arthritis, constipation, stress, nervous breakdowns and gastrointestinal issues.
  • Broccoli flower effectively reduces the risk of some major stomach and intestine cancers. It is also a very powerful antioxidant.
  • Green tea extract in itself is a popular supplement. It stimulates your brain to stay fresh through the day. It also contains a high level of antioxidants and helps to
    reduce weight.
  • Apart from these, other ingredients supply ample amount of Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B12, E, K2, and C.
  • There are plenty of other roots and herbs which boost general longevity and ensures a healthy liver.
  • They also take care of magnesium and zinc supplements required for our body.
  • Unlike capsules, this green superfood powder shows immediate action as it goes down directly to your digestive glands.
  • Each serving (a heaped tablespoon) consists of 40 calories. It has 1.9 grams of fiber, 4 grams of proteins and 4.8 grams of carbohydrates.

The Best Green Superfood Powder of 2018 is Athletic Greens | Grab Athletic Greens

Pleasant for your taste buds

Most of the green superfood powders available in the market do not have a good taste. People are having tough time consuming them every day. This problem does not arise when you choose this green superfood powder. The base of tasty ingredients like papaya, carrot, vanilla, stevia, pineapple and cherry powder has given it a subtle taste. A pinch of ginger in the powder has made it way easier for consumption.

If you do not indulge in hard physical tasks one serving of this green superfood powder is sufficient for a day. If you are an athlete or go to a gym every day then you are recommended to have two servings a day.

Athletic Green ensures a solution to most of the health issues. It fits best with the definition of a green drink powder. You can get a pack of Athletic Green for US$ 97 (30 servings). Each serving will cost you around US$ 3.2. The price will drop to US$ 77/bag and US$ 2.56 per serving by availing the monthly subscription. Therefore, Athletic Green is the best green drink among its peers.

Athletic Greens Review Grab Athletic Greens 13

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price?

Once I hit my menopause, aside from hot flush and other joint related issues that menopause brought over; I was facing depleting energy. One day I put my foot down, said “enough is enough” and rushed to my physician. She was the first one to tell me to go through Athletic Greens review. I have never imagined in my wildest dreams that, such an innocuous recommendation from my doctor, would change my life forever.

Athletic Greens stretched my horizon regarding fitness and made me aware to look after my temple – my body. 

About Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

To tag Athletic Greens merely as a “superfood” is insufficient. Do you know what the manufacturer specifies it in other words? “Nutritional Insurance”! The scintillating review would make you understand that – how this superfood serving 11 supplements in a single scoop, is improving the health of thousands of users across various age-groups.

Get 20% Off Athletic Greens

Taking Athletic Greens daily would detoxify your body, regulate hormone production and keep a check on blood sugar level, among others. So you can kill multiple birds with a single shot by including this super green in your everyday diet. The genuine Athletic Greens review would vouch for that.

Does Athletic Greens Work?

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

The 600-odd Athletic Greens customer reviews in Amazon Store would indicate you that, this green superfood powder works like a charm on users. In case you don’t believe in reveling in borrowed glory, then do yourself a favor and buy the standard packet of Athletic Greens.

A single pack contains 30 servings, so within 1 month, you can verify yourself whether this product works or not. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and algae – there is no reason why it won’t produce the positive outcome in your body. Moreover, 10 years of scientific study and research has gone into its making. And if you are not satisfied, you can have your money back thanks to Athletic Greens’ 60 Days Money back guarantee (see more here).

Lastly, the “sensitive” processing part of this super green ensures that no heat or light has been applied to its production. This preparation method, in turn, keeps the wholesomeness of the nutrients intact.

Multiple user reviews had termed it as “super greens powder” and “life-changer” among others. It cements the fact that, this product has worked for numerous out there who take maintain a sound body as a serious business.

Except in the case when you are suffering from any serious ailment that needs immediate medical supervision, this superfood would speed up your digestion, purify blood and accelerate energy.

My Personal Experience With Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

For many women, menopause means a dead-end in terms of health and vitality. It could have been same for me as well but thanks to Athletic Greens, I have been saved. My pre-menopausal days saw me breaking down frequently, because of extreme mood swings. The hormones in my body were shooting haywire and I began to start stress-eating that led to toxicity in the body. My immunity dropped few notches and cold and cough became daily parts of life.

During those darkest hours, many Athletic Greens customer reviews conveyed to me rays of hope. I discovered a new way of living with Athletic Greens in my diet.

After 3 months of consistent utilization, my vitality has bounced back. Cold and cough became instances from the past, and my hair and skin now look healthier. As if by magic, my hormones, as well as blood sugar, are regulated now. And for all these, I would like to thank the very informative Athletic Greens reviews themselves as much as the product.

Why Should You Buy Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

The diverse Athletic Greens reviews would give you many reasons for which you should buy this product. But it would take time and patience to scan through them one by one (just like I did). On the off chance, you are short on patience, I would like to point out three simple reasons in favor of Athletic Greens.

Firstly, do you know that how many pills on an average, you might need to take to get all the essential supplements? The number would be a whopping 20 pills/ day! The Athletic Greens reviews would tell you that a solitary scoop of this green superfood powder is equivalent to that of 12 servings of veggies and fruits. So taking Athletic Greens is quick and effortless.

Secondly, most of the superfoods taste too bitter-to-swallow on tongues of beginners. Don’t believe me? You would get these necessary tidbits in many Athletic Greens customer reviews. However, this green superfood powder has a rich, chocolaty flavor that enables you to mix it in plain water, skimmed milk or your favorite juice and still, the concoction would taste great.

Thirdly, the production and processing of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in this product are devoid of the crushing effect of modern day farming technique. They are also non-GMO certified. What you’d get in your glass is nature’s wholesome goodness in its most- unadulterated form. 

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

Now let me think why someone shouldn’t buy Athletic Greens. Hmm, okay. If you survive by the greasy McDonald’s burgers-and-fries, have never lifted a leg (or a hand) to do some physical work-out, and don’t have any will change it in future, then this product is not for you.

To get the maximum advantages from Athletic Greens, you have to pledge for an active lifestyle too. Secondly, there are few negative Athletic Greens reviews where they customers grumbled that they mixed-up this product with protein shakes.

Do take note that, this green superfood powder brings in holistic wellness for your body and not something that promises to beef up your muscles exclusively. If getting ripped abs for show-off purpose is your lone concern, then this might not be the best product for you.

Thirdly, some Athletic Greens reviews took potshots about its price. Well, as I have mentioned above, in order to absorb 11 different supplements, you might have to swallow down 20 pills/day. This super food does just that (and more) with a single serving. So for me, this sole quality justifies the slightly higher-end price. In the event that value-for-money product isn’t your top priority, then don’t go for it.

How Does Athletic Greens Work?

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

In spite of the fact that you will get the summary about how this product works from various Athletic Greens reviews, I would like to highlight few of its mechanisms quickly. This superfood is punched with as many as 25 alkaline complexes. It means that per serving ensures- your body must receive 8 grams of raw alkalizing food at a time. Now to know what alkalinity does for your body, learn about pH balance.

The pH balance of your body controls acid influx. If the balance score is more than 7, then your body is in a stable alkaline environment. On the off chance, the score is less than 7- be ready to face severe and acidity. The Athletic Greens reviews assure that by including this super-green cocktail in life, the users won’t have to suffer from acid influx for a single day in future.

This superfood likewise flaunts 22 vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C plays a prominent part to strengthen immunity. The numerous Athletic Greens reviews show- how common cold and flu tendency have reduced among hundreds, once they have started taking it. While vitamin B 12 present in it fights off weak metabolism, B 1 ensures proper functionality of your nervous system.

Apart from lauding its algae, Athletic Greens reviews praise prominently about the exotic shiitake and reishi mushrooms, this green food has. Your body will receive healthy carbs and protein from these mushrooms.

Magnesium is another significant component here, which saves you from diabetes and osteoporosis during advanced age.

Why Is Athletic Greens So Popular?

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

What I have gathered from the majority of the Athletic Greens reviews is that- the users are mostly overwhelmed by Athletic Greens suitability for every age. The supplement industry is youth-obsessed today. Whenever you come across any glossy advertisement of health supplement, just notice that how in 9 out of 10 times, the promotion revolves around a beautiful young girl or a macho guy (or both), with the near-perfect body.

These models don’t look like any of us- common mortals, with bodily imperfections. I believe this superfood had just touched the sentiment that even- 50+ or menopausal people too, have the right to be fit and healthy.

Secondly, many users in their respective Athletic Green reviews thanked this product to overhaul their sedentary lifestyles. The human body is meant for moving, working-out and be active. When you use Athletic Greens on a daily basis, your psychology gets attuned to it and you start incorporating yoga, running or spending half-n-hour in gym voluntarily.

Thirdly, here you will get what you pay for i.e. a superfood stacked with 75 ingredients in their purest forms, processed in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) – certified facility. The Athletic Greens customer reviews listed down mostly these reasons behind its soaring fame.

Is Athletic Greens A Scam?

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

While speaking for the authenticity of this product, most of the Athletic Greens reviews miss out the most significant point (according to me) and i.e. – every ingredient, as well as batch-source of this product, is traceable.

I have stated before that the processing part takes place in a GMP certified environment. What I didn’t mention is – the manufacturing company has far exceeded the FDA guidelines, in terms of- quality control. While a health supplement flaunts so many trusted and universal quality certificates, it’s futile to tag it as a “scam”.

Also, you can gather from many Athletic Greens reviews that, before the final shipment of the finished products, analytical as well as the microbiological examination is being done on each bunch of goodies. Unlike some over-hyped supplements out there, which might fail to show documents in order to verify the sources of ingredients, Athletic Greens comes clean with all of its records.

This product likes values customer feedback the most. There is always an open communication between the company rep and the customer – in case you need clarification on some features.

What Are Scientists saying?

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

No solid scientific study has been overtaken solely by this product. Any of the authentic Athletic Greens reviews would testify for this statement. But that doesn’t mean that it has zero scientific backing.

What about the hand-picked, greatly processed algae whose cells are not cracked to bring out the substance? Well, any soil scientist assumes responsibility for that fact that, modern farming and heat/light processing of natural ingredients ruins their benefits.

On the other hand, a free-dried and cold-milled technique is best for producing a health supplement. As this superfood follows the second procedure, it’s the solid recognition for its scientific base.

You can find the whole ingredients’ list from my Athletic Green review or from the website itself. Each of the components like – barley, spirulina, wheatgrass or spinach, is distinguished in health science for its beneficial properties.

Athletic Greens ingredients

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

You can visit the official site of Athletic Greens and there you’d find the total break-down of fixings this super green consists of. It’s a pact of 26 alkaline complexes, 17 natural extracts and herbs, 2 probiotics, 5 digestive enzymes and 22 vitamins and minerals. Apart from such an incredible number of components, Athletic Greens flaunts few star-ingredients in its alkaline category.

You’d find them rarely in other exorbitantly priced superfoods and none- in overhyped cheap supplements. Let’s discover what those top of line features are. Well, they are- spirulina, red beet powder, alfalfa grass, wheatgrass, spinach, kale, and kelp.

Now, let’s focus on the herbs and antioxidants part of Athletic Greens. They are 17 in number, but the only handful of them can be traced in other superfoods. These ingredients are – milk thistle, dandelion roots, and rosemary leaves.

Though the Athletic Greens reviews would impact you on the alkaline complex and antioxidant properties of this superfood, very few of them may specify the grams you intake per serving. Well, hear it from me. With the solitary scoop of Athletic Greens, you’ll receive 8.453 grams of alkalizing complex and 3.569 grams of anti-oxidants/ herbs respectively.

Among the vitamins, B2 or riboflavin is one of the vitamins, that is largely absent in many others supplements. Be that as it may, this superfood has it aplenty. Go through the Athletic Greens reviews to know more about that. B2 triggers healthy brain function. Another crucial vitamin here is B7 or biotin; this is essential for glucose regulation in blood.

Athletic Greens price?

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

You can buy Athletic Greens in 2 ways. Go for either the monthly subscription or the one-time purchase only. However, the former would definitely reap your greater monetary benefits. The monthly subscription of Athletic Greens superfood powder can again be divided into two. Furthermore, if you order your Athletic Greens from the official website, you will have 60 days risk-free order guarantee (see here). 

The standard plan offers you to subscribe it for $77/mo for 30 servings for 30 days. If you read through any the Athletic Greens review, you’d find that majority of the users have voted for the Standard Supply plan the best one, for its convenience. This is the best Athletic Greens price-performance ratio.

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The second monthly subscription plan is called Double Hit. Here, you’ll get 60 servings of monthly delivery in exchange of $147/mo. Next to the standard plan, most of the Athletic Greens reviews have voted it as the second best purchasing scheme. Most importantly, the latter comes with a whopping 24% discount.

The Trial Pack is most expensive and you need to shell out $97.00 for 30 servings one-time only. In many Athletic Greens customer reviews, you’d find affiliate links. Click on them to utilize the coupon codes. Just make sure that they are authentic reviewers selling genuine links and not scammers. 

FAQs About Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

  • How many days does it take for this product to work?

A: Various Athletic Greens customer reviews would give you diverse answers regarding- the number of days it takes for this superfood, to really work. Though it depends on your lifestyle and level of fitness, I’d say within 5 days, you will begin to notice a positive change in your energy level.

  • Does it have anti-cancer properties?

Athletic Greens uses reishi mushroom extracts as one of the digestive enzymes. Apart from bringing down inflammation and serving your body healthy protein and carb, the reishi mushroom has anti-cancer properties, found out by scientists. Any of the thorough Athletic Greens reviews must mention it too.

  • What Athletic Greens review says about the best time to have it?

Well, the Athletic Greens label doesn’t mention when you should have this superfood. You are open to figuring it out for yourself. But if you want to know my recommendation, then I’d say morning is the best time to have your glass. It will keep your energy high for the rest of the day.

  • Is Athletic Greens vegan- friendly?

Athletic Greens has 2 types of non-dairy probiotics. This is not only a vegan-friendly product but also suitable for anybody who has allergies towards milk-based food items. For better information, do check out the ingredients’ list of the item minutely.

Which Celebs Are Using It?

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

The best part about the celeb clientele list of this green superfood powder I have found is – it attracts mixed-bag clients. On one hand, you would find NY Times Best Seller author Tim Ferris vouching for the fact that, how Athletic Greens has helped to cover his base nutritional demands. On the other hand, there is South Beach personal trainer Michelle Alonso, who has credited Athletic Greens for mitigating her vitamin supplementation needs.

Colonel Nick G. is another devoted Athletic Greens fan who belongs to US Army. Truth to be told, I was surprised at first to see Athletic Greens review from diverse backgrounds like – entrepreneur, model, naturopaths who must have different lifestyles. Be that as it may, all of them swear by the goodness of this superfood brought into their lives.

Where To Buy Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

The best place to buy Athletic Greens should be its own official site. Here, you can go through the various plans and compare them on your own. Apart from that,

Athletic Greens can be purchased a reputed e-commerce vendor such as Amazon. Be aware that on Amazon the price of Athletic Greens is a bit higher and furthermore only on the official site you are guaranteed a full refund if you return the product within 60 days


Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens


It’s hard to find a health supplement that unites people from so many walks-of-life and age-groups. And Athletic Greens does just that. There are multiple liquid energy shots in the market that promise you to spice up your vitality level. What they do instead is to give you a momentary high. Once it passes over, you get back to square one of sluggishness.

Athletic Greens delivers the opposite. There is no temporary energy boost with it. Go through any of the detailed Athletic Greens customer review and you will get to know about the experiences solidifying this aspect.

Including this superfood in your life means- you will get to absorb essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and alkaline complex on a regular basis. Coupled with a healthy diet and workout schedule, this superfood would definitely bring down your medical cost.

I hope my hurriedly- jotted points have provided you with a short-yet-fair idea about- how this product works. For more in-depth knowledge, the internet is full of Athletic Greens customer reviews. You just need to go through them and note down the important points, ponder over them and make the purchasing move.

Also, the safe and speedy transaction and shipment process offered by the official site makes buying this superfood a cake walk. The other Athletic Greens reviews would also support my comment. So what are you waiting for? Place your order today and enjoy a lifelong guarantee of good health.

Conclusion of Athletic Greens Review

Athletic Greens Review of 2018- Is It Worth The Price? | Grab Athletic Greens

The Athletic Greens review would help you to join with other compatriots, who have found it tiresome to juicing various sources for basic nutritional needs in the past. Upon discovering this superfood, their fitness is back on the right track. In the event you value for investing in your health, then this superfood is for you.

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Top 10 Green Drinks Grab Athletic Greens 4

Top 10 Green Drinks

The green drink market-segment is brimming with new products every day. If you are planning to try out a green drink for the first time in life, it may seem a mind-boggling scenario to pick up the best from the mess. Let’s discover the top 10 green drinks to make your search hassle-free –

Athletic Greens

Top 10 Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Packed with an incredible number of 75 ingredients, Athletic Greens is one of the tastiest green drinks in the market. From probiotics to adaptogens, from algae to broccoli- you would find every possible super green in this food. Do you realize where does it lead to? It means that with single serving of Athletic Greens – your body would receive countless benefits at the same time. Whether it’s lifting up energy, restoring muscle tissues or stabilizing the bowel movement- Athletic Greens has wholesome healing properties.

Paradise Herbs ORAC Energy

Top 10 Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Paradise Herbs ORAC Energy might not bring home the “tastiest super food” award but that’s okay. The goodness of this green drink can any day triumphs over its not-so-desirable taste. Packed with spirulina and chlorella, ORAC Energy would improve your immunity within 7 days while simultaneously detoxifying your body from- lead and mercury build-up.

Likewise, ORAC Energy is rich with green extracts, berries and grape seeds. All of these components would provide your body with limitless stream of anti-oxidants.

Garden Of Life Perfect Food Raw

Top 10 Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Garden of Life Perfect Food is for those, who want to soak the goodness of green juice in an affordable price. The spirulina present in this super food improves your immunity system while the algae ensure that your body receives positive alkalizing effects. Though the taste of this super food leaves a room for improvement, the good part is- you can mix it in yogurt or juice to make it edible and this green powder would blend seamlessly.

Olympian Labs Ultimate Greens 8 In 1

Top 10 Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Besides its blend of hemp, rice, pea protein, multivitamins, Olympian Labs Ultimate Greens 8 in 1 thrives on its hypoallergenic, plant-based protein source. First of all, most of the green drinks focus on veggies and fruits where protein takes a backseat. So in this respect, Olympian Labs Ultimate Greens wins. Secondly, the plat-based protein source in Ultimate Greens means, those of you allergic to soy or animal protein, might find it safe to consume.

Activa Naturals Advanced Greens Super Food

Top 10 Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

The rich chocolaty flavor of Activa Naturals would make you it’s admirer in the very first sip itself. You may doubt that, if a super drink tastes so good, does it really work? Rest assured, as Activa Naturals is a hub of whole foods, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. It’s hard to find an ideal green drink for vegans, given the restrictions they follow in diets. In that respect, Activa Naturals is the perfect super foods for vegans hands-down.

This is also gluten-free. On the off chance that you are adversely affected by wheat or barley, this is for you. A container of Activa Naturals has 240 g of powder, so this is a great deal for buyers.

Emerald Balance Super Food

Top 10 Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

The best part about Emerald Balanced Super food is that- it’s made from juice extracts and not from powdered veggies and fruits. In a single container of Emerald Balanced Super food, you would find 2880 grams of powder. This indicates that per serving would hold- up to 2.88 grams. Given its cost-effective price; Emerald Balance Super Food is truly a pocket-friendly green super food.

The raspberry, blueberry and pineapple present in Emerald Balance makes it an anti-oxidant- rich green juice. On the other hand, the presence of flax seeds ensures that your body would receive its daily dose of Omega-3 fatty acid without feasting on fish or cod liver oil capsules.

Total Living Green Drinks

Top 10 Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Do you know that just one scoop of Total Living Green is equivalent to up to 7 servings of greens and veggies? Rich in amino acids, digestive enzymes and probiotics- Total Living Green would keep your energy level high, accelerate digestion and would prompt to healthy bowel movement respectively. What’s more, you can totally replace your meal with Total Living Green.

Amazing Grass Green Super Food

Top 10 Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Amazing Grass Green Super food (or AGGS) is a phenomenal product that alkalizes and cleanses your body- simultaneously. This green juice powder boasts of 12 cleansing properties such as – lemon peel, aloe vera , beet root to name a few. Each of them flushes out the toxin build-up in your body. On the other hand, there are as many as 9 alkalizing greens that help to stabilize the pH balance of blood. This in turn would lead to stronger joints, lower blood sugar and more vitality.

Tony Robbins Pure Energy With MSM

Top 10 Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Tony Robbins is an iconic brand in the fitness and energy supplements industry. So any green drink out of his stable is bound to have top standard. Pure Energy with MSM is one such green drink that is pressed with nutrients and minerals. Moreover, the plant-sulphar MSM can be found in this green drink powder in abundance. This sulphur restores joint tissues and looks after their overall health. This super food is punched with antioxidants in the forms of- spinach and kale.

Organifi Green Juice

Top 10 Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

This is a unique blend of ingredients such as coconut water and Match green tea, which are hard to find in any other green juice. With Organifi, you will get 30-servings for 30 days, in a single packet. Whether you want to keep yourself hydrated during the scorching summer or lift up your energy- Organifi is an ideal choice. Moreover, this is one of the best tasted juices in the market right now. Just sipping into its minty, refreshing flavor would work as a stimulant for your body.

Green drinks detoxify your body, maintain energy, boost immunity and while some of them control pH balance as well. In our rushed lives, green drinks may turn out to be the sources for essential nourishments. So it’s important that you only invest in quality products. However, your lifestyle, budget and health condition should be the predominant factors here.
Top 10 Energy Foods Grab Athletic Greens 11

Top 10 Energy Foods

Energy foods are like our compassionate friends. Anytime your spirit slumps or body feels sluggish, energy foods lift you up. For best result, it’s imperative to know which are they and include them in your daily diets. Let’s find out the top 10 contenders in this category- 


Top 10 Energy Foods | Grab Athletic Greens

There is a reason why your nutritionist chides you to chug minimum 4 liter water per day. The H2O not only gives you an instant energy boost but also flushes out toxins like lead and mercury, from your system. There are many who don’t like drinking that much of water on a regular basis. You might be one of them. One tip for you- take a large jug of water, put some lemon/apple/ or any tropical fruit slices in it (float some mint leaves as well), keep the jug in refrigerator and voila, in the morning you would get your own fruity-flavored water.

Chia Seeds

Top 10 Energy Foods | Grab Athletic Greens

Sprinkle chia seeds on your breakfast cereal, toss a handful into smoothie or sip into any chia drink- you will get strong bursts of energy throughout. The good balance of fiber, fats and protein in chia seeds made them such strong stimulants, especially for athletes or those sweating it out in gyms. The zinc found in chia seeds releases leptin hormone. This in turn keeps a check on your appetite. Chia seeds also burn fat and control blood sugar level.

Green Tea

Top 10 Energy Foods | Grab Athletic Greens

Swap your steaming cup of mocha/latte or Java with green tea and it’s guaranteed that you won’t regret it anymore. Of course in the event you quite relish the caffeine jitter (that too many cuppas do to you), then hang in there. A cup of green tea has only 24-40 mg caffeine in it. Then where it trumps? Green tea has an amino acid called L-theanine.

Whether you are pulling off an all-nighter by making presentation slides or preparing for impending exam, L-theanine would keep you awake and focused without overdoing it.


Top 10 Energy Foods | Grab Athletic Greens

Honey is nature’s own elixir. Regardless of whether you put a teaspoon of honey into your tea or prepare honey-glazed chicken for dinner, you would always be treating yourself with energizing power of honey. A natural source of carbs and sugars, honey is the best alternative of refined sugar or stevia.

If you are deep into work-out, then here’s a nutrition tip for you: have a bowlful of cereal drizzled in honey, in every post-exercise session. This would replenish your muscles with energy and keeps you mood stable.

Dark Chocolate

Top 10 Energy Foods | Grab Athletic Greens

Years ago, a group of researchers belonging to University of Arizona, had conducted a research on dark chocolate’s capability as an energy-lifter. And the result they found was full of surprises! Dark chocolate with more than 60% of cocoa can increase both mental as well as physical alertness.

Rich in cocoa, caffeine, tryptophan and theobromine- dark chocolates would get your heart racing while the nitric acid in it, would keep a check on the blood pressure. But remember, stick to maximum two dark chocolate bars in a week.


Top 10 Energy Foods | Grab Athletic Greens

Quinoa is packed with more proteins than other grain and this makes it a perfect menu for perfect breakfast, mid-day meal or lunch. The iron in Quinoa fuels your red cells with more oxygen, in order to replenish the muscles. That’s why for gym goers or athletics, it’s imperative to include quinoa in daily diets. The Riboflavin in Quinoa boosts metabolism- both in brain cells as that of the muscles. So truly it[s a double bonanza for quinoa lovers.

Wild Salmon

Top 10 Energy Foods | Grab Athletic Greens

Would it sound oxymoronic if I say that- there are healthy fats which can make you “thin”? Yes, there are and salmon graciously has found a sweet spot in that list. Whether you smoke it, toss it on top of a bowl of salad or have it baked with brown rice and veggies, salmon would always improve your vitality. Full of Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon works like a charm to drag your cholesterol down to a healthy level. The protein and vitamin B6 makes it one of the top energy boosters of all time.


Top 10 Energy Foods | Grab Athletic Greens

An orange is a rich source of Vitamin C and gives you healthy shots of energy within 2 hours of consuming it. The best part? No unhealthy sugar would be there to fatten you up. A fresh orange is also high on folate. Especially for a would-be mother, daily serving of oranges leads the folate to keep energy intact, while boosting the growth of the baby.

In case you hate eating raw fruits, then make yummy orange juice. Though remember, the liquid form may deprive you of the fiber that can be found in the fruit’s membrane.

Lean Beef

Top 10 Energy Foods | Grab Athletic Greens

Now dig into your favorite beef steak without any guilt. Do you know that your lean beef roast or hamburger carries an unlimited source of iron? Iron activates your red cells when they are fatigued and in need of heavy dosage of energy. On the other hand, the gym-freaks would find their common muscle-building buddy in lean beef. Why? Because it’s full of amino acids as well. But do remember one point- it’s advisable not to consume more than 70 gram of beef on a single day.

Goji Berries

Top 10 Energy Foods | Grab Athletic Greens

Those days are gone when goji berries- the energy-boosting fruits, were only known within the ancient land of China. The antioxidants and nutrients present in goji berries would boost your energy and lift up your mood in a quick span of time. Not only that, do you know that goji berries also support your skin via its beta-carotene? Toss handful of goji berries in your fruit salad, put dried berries into smoothie or mix them with your favorite Greek yogurt for utmost nutrition. 

Unlike energy drinks that give you temporary energy shots, the above mentioned foods will keep you healthy consistently. For best outcome, use fresh, organic products from your local farmer’s market. There are many recipes in the internet that would give you a fair idea about- how to amp up the tastes of energy foods without destroying the nutrients.
Top 10 Energy Drinks Grab Athletic Greens 11

Top 10 Energy Drinks

It’s really a herculean task to pick up the best energy drink for you, as, not every vitality beverage is suitable for everyone. A weight lifter has a different requirement than that of a stay-at-home mommy. Let’s discover top 10 energy drinks that are ruling the market at present-

Athletic Greens

Top 10 Energy Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

A precious blend of fruits, herbs and mushroom, Athletic Greens is number one energy drink right now in this segment. Whether you are huffing and puffing after sweating it out in your Zumba class or a kicking off drowsiness post-lunch- Athletic Greens would be the best pick-me-up drink in both the cases. Do you know how much time it would take for Athletic Greens to stimulate your body? Only 27 seconds! This liquid likewise keeps your gut clean and improves mood too.

ZipFizz Energy Drink

Top 10 Energy Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

ZipFizz Energy Drink comes in a powder form. Mix it with water or your favorite juice, gulp it down and you would be raring to go! The most amazing part of ZipFizz powder mix is – it contains zero sugar and only 10 calories per tube. Thus, there is no fear of fattening up when you are surviving on ZipFizz. Rather, the delicious tart taste of grapes would give you a naturally sweetened high. ZipFizz is enriched with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C- both of them are sourced from green tea leaves extracts and guarana.

5-Hour Energy

Top 10 Energy Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

As the name suggests, 5-hour energy drinks keeps you going for 5 whole hours once you drink a full bottle. With its blend of pure caffeine and vitamin B12, 5-hour energy is one of the strongest stimulants out there. That’s why you shouldn’t consume more than 2 bottles of it per day. And don’t forget to keep several hours of gap between these two consumptions. This is a zero-sugar drink and you would get only 4 calorie / bottle. 

KillCliff Recovery Drink

Top 10 Energy Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Kill Cliff Recovery Drink is designed in order to enhance athletic performance. The delicious blood orange flavor would make it a pleasant experience sipping into this drink, while its anti-inflammatory composition keeps you healthy. There are many patrons who believe that Kill Cliff Recovery Drink is way stronger than Red Bull, as it’s athletically tested. Low-on-calorie, this recovery drink sprints you back into life, regardless of whether you are beaten in the amateur boxing ring or dead-tired after working whole day in your back-yard. 

CytoSport First Twitch RTD

Top 10 Energy Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Do you love lifting weights in gym? Are you into combat-level fitness training? Then CytoSport First Twitch RTD is for you. This sugar-free beverage offer less than 1g carb per bottle. Also a single bottle contains 200mg caffeine and taurine along with Power Nitric Oxide Matrix. The last one is the company’s own invention. It includes L-Citrulline and L-Arginine among others.

Whether you are yearning to develop beefed up muscles on your body or lift weights like a pro- this killing combo would assist you to achieve your fitness goal to the T.

Amp Energy

Top 10 Energy Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Only two types of users go for Amp Energy. Firstly, go for this drink if you love the energy kick your body gets from caffeine but you hate the smell of it. Amp Energy has 150 mg of caffeine / can but the flavor is that of a soft drink. So you would definitely lap it up. Secondly, you are a hardcore health freak and sweat it out properly by gymming, running or biking every day for 1 hour. The reason? Well, each can offer around 220 calories sugar which is not good for those with sedentary lifestyle. The reasons behind the soaring fame of Amp Energy might be simple. But they are enough to put it into the toppers’ chart. 

Midori Matcha Cold Brew

Top 10 Energy Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Midori Matcha Cold Brew would give you purely organic shot of green tea- in every sip. It means, you will be nourished with 100% natural chlorophyll and densely concentrated anti-oxidants. Whether you are fighting off nausea or wishing to boost your energy, Midori Matcha Cold Brew would do it gladly at any point of time- throughout the day. The freshly plucked and then stone-ground tea leaves concentration, holds only 1/3 of caffeine. So while you would get your coffee-kick from Midori Matcha Cold Brew, it won’t make you jittery.

Nos High Performance Energy Drink

Top 10 Energy Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Nos Energy Drink, with its unique flavor and charging properties, is ruling the chart of top 10 energy drinks currently. Like the fuel Nos, this powerhouse beverage also gets you going, whenever your energy hit bottom of the barrel. So don’t chug it before hitting the bed or else you won’t be able to sleep through the night. An amalgamation of passion fruit extracts and caffeine- this beverage is available in other yummy flavors such as – grape and citrus.

Sambazon Acai Berry Energy Drink

Top 10 Energy Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

Centered on acai berry fruit- plucked out from Amazon bank itself, Sambazon energy drink has refreshing antioxidant properties. Apart from revitalizing you, it would slow down aging process. This eco-friendly drink has caffeine, green tea, acerola berry and guarana as well. The GMO certification ensures that you are enjoying a drink, which is responsible to the health of its consumers as well as to Mother Nature. Sambazon Acai Berry Energy Drink can be used in delicious cocktail recipes as well.

Yogi Positive Energy Tea

Top 10 Energy Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

A refreshing blend of caffeine, Assam tea, herbal lotus extracts, orange peels and citric acid- Yogi Positive Energy Tea is making waves in the energy drink segment right now. Each packet contains of 16 tea bags. From each bag, one can get around 80 mg of caffeine, which is a pretty incredible amount. The exotic herb blending and 100% non-GMO certification ensure that, you will get nature’s unadulterated goodness in each bag. Not only this tea would amp up your vitality but also cheer up your spirit. 

A bottle of energy drink improves mood, powers up your energy and make you feel alive. That’s why it’s crucial to buy a premium drink that would provide your body with the best quality of liquid shots. So before you head towards the shop, do your research properly on top of line products.
All About Green Drinks Grab Athletic Greens 6

All About Green Drinks

These days, green drinks have become a rage. But the irony is – most of the consumers don’t know why they are drinking it. They are either influenced by glitzy ads or by gym buddies- without doing the minimum research on their own. Let’s discuss the few little-known aspects of green drinks that you should know. 

What Green Drinks Are Made Of?

All About Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens


Though different green drinks use distinctive compositions but there are some universal components common among super foods. We’ll be discussing below top 9 ingredients that you will find in any first rate green drink powder – 

Barley Grass

So far, we have only associated barley with beer. But do you know that barley is one of the popular ingredients for green drinks? The junk food pile-up in our bodies leads to toxicity. This has an adverse effect on your mood as well. Barley grass is an organic detoxifier that would come handy here.

The selenium present in barley grass slows down your aging process, while protecting your skin from harsh UUV rays. Barley grass is a source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. While the first ingredient suppresses your cravings at ungodly hours, the latter ones take care of nourishing your body.


This fresh-water algae, along with chlorella, is counted among the top 10 super nourishments of the world. Spirulina completes the making of a green super food. Spirulina flushes heavy metals such as lead out of your body. On the off chance you are worried about your weight; have a green drink enriched with spirulina, twice-a-day. It would speed up your weight loss effort.

The phycocyanin pigment found in spirulina lowers blood pressure. On the other hand, the algae itself boosts energy and keep your fitness at its peak throughout the day. According to scientific studies, spirulina may cure cancer spread at pancreatic cells in the initial stage. It likewise looks after your heart- by reducing the chances of stroke.

Wheat Grass

If there is only one natural resource that can be called mother earth’s own medicine- it ought to be wheatgrass! 70% of wheatgrass is made of purest form of chlorophyll. Furthermore, you will find calcium, iron, fiber and Vitamin C as well in wheatgrass. So it’s imperative to say that, a green drink worth its money can’t eliminate wheatgrass from its ingredients’ list.

The wheatgrass present in the green super food ensures that your body gets all the necessary nutrients, even if you have to skip on meals throughout the day. Wheatgrass accelerates your digestion process, recuperates inflammation and controls blood sugar level. This is medically proved that wheatgrass reduces stress level as well.


One of the top contenders in a green drink production-list – Chlorella is a freshwater algae. Counted among one of the top 10 super foods universally, chlorella is considered to be more nutritious than kale or broccoli. The best part of chlorella is- it assists our bodies to get rid of heavy metals that our body stores every day because of toxic foods.

This is one of the best detoxifiers of the world. Not only that, believe in this algae to also slash down your expanding waist (coupled with some form of work-out every day). Chlorella controls sugar spikes in blood, regulates hormone and improves immunity- manifold.


Bake it with black pepper and make kale chips. Put it in soup or stew and kale would gel seamlessly. But who has the time to do all of it, right? That’s why A-listed green drinks have kale as one of the common components on their labels. Do you know kale contributes significantly in achieving your weight loss goal?

It stifles cravings in a healthy-way- thus reducing your mid-night hunger pangs. Kale is a natural source of Vitamin C, A, K and potassium, calcium and iron as well. Result? Stronger bones, lower cholesterol level and healthy growth of oxygen- carrying red cells – taking place all at once.

Oat Grass

Once native to Mediterranean region and some north parts of Europe, oat grass is now cultivated world-over and considered to be- one of the primary sources of green super food. If you are on a gluten-free diet by choice, or due to celiac disease, then select a green drink that contains oat grass. It will make the liquid safer for allergic people to consume.

30% content of oat grass is built up by amino acids. Thus-oat grass gives your body a natural source of protein. This is more beneficial for vegans. A rich source of vitamin A, C, E and other nutrients, oat grass is good for diabetic patients too.

Milk Thistle

There is a wide spectrum of green drinks that use milk thistle- the natural herb, as one of their components. Milk thistle is a natural detoxifier and flaunts anti-inflammatory properties. When you consume it daily in the form of a green drink, your body would get rid of toxicity. Milk thistle can also cure bloating or other digestive issues in your health.

This organic ingredient reduces cholesterol as well. The silymarin chemical present in mill thistle controls blood sugar level. Silymarin also works in reducing oxidative stress on your skin- caused by direct exposure with UV rays.


No list of green drink must-have ingredients would be complete without listing spinach in it. With Vitamin K and calcium in abundance, drinking green drink-with-spinach-in-it would make your bones grow stronger. This is all the more important in case you are in the pre-menopausal phase. Also the potassium content in spinach takes a pivotal role in lowering down cholesterol. Spinach is full of Vitamin A that is important to grow hair and keep your skin tissues supple.


Adaptogens are healing compounds found in precious plants. Right now, the green super food industry is just waking up to the plethora of benefits adaptogens offer. This, in turn, has made adaptogens- the must-haves ingredients in premium green drinks. Ginseng is one such popular adaptogen. Ginseng can bring down blood pressure and cholesterol level. Not only that, it is also an unlimited source of antioxidants.

Another famed adaptogen is ashwagandha. If your green drink has aswagandha as a component, then you might expect your body witnessing reduced anxiety level and stronger immunity system. Reishi and shiitake mushrooms have adaptogenic qualities as well.

What’s So Good About Green Drinks?

All About Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

You’ll find the generic health benefits of a particular green drink from its label. Let’s dig deeper and discover why you ought to have it every day-

  • Devoid of modern farming techniques: The modern farming techniques have been robbing our soil off essential bacteria and minerals from ages. Result? The foods we are consuming today are largely devoid of any natural goodness. Green drink powder mints its minerals and nutrients from natural sources- thus keeping their wholesomeness intact.
  • Give you sufficient amount of daily “green”: Do you know how many miles the veggies have travelled before finding a place on your plate? Also the rising work pressure and busy schedules depriving many, from getting all the nutrients from daily meals. With green drink, you can get your daily dosage of B vitamins, antioxidants, magnesium, manganese, potassium in a comprehensive manner.
  • It gives you more varieties: Do you know that cavemen used to consume 20 types (approx.) of spices on a day? This level of food variety is quite unimaginable to attain in our modern dietary habits, isn’t it? Green drink powders would give you this diversity in the form of dusts. Unlike the supermarket-bought fruits and vegetables, the green powders contain zero sugar and more phytonutrients and micronutrients.

What’s Not So Good About Greens supplement?

All About Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

  • Price discrepancy: Green drink powders tend to be pretty expensive. In case you are looking for losing weight or feeling energetic in a cost-effective way, then green drinks might not entice you much. Also, the more ingredients a green drink powder has, the pricier it gets.
  • Bad taste: Bad taste is a common phenomenon with green drink powders. Despite of that, if the quality is superior and if it’s doing wonderful things to your body, then one might adjust with the taste. Or else, you have to think creatively and put the powder in various recipes-thus giving more time and effort behind it.
  • The destructive processing: The processing of nutrients and phytochemicals should be sensitive and mustn’t include heat or light. Do you know that freeze-drying of veggies/fruits and then dipping them into water-soluble dusts, is the correct way to produce green powders? There are so many green drink brands in the market, each claiming to process the super food sensitively, that it has become difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Green Superfood Powder Vs. OTC Vitamin Capsules 

All About Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

First of all, green powder is considered to be whole food. When you get the daily vitamins from whole food sources, you will receive the non-adulterated version of vitamins and nutrients. This is any day better than gulping down the synthesized form of vitamins, say, through capsules. Pick up any top of line green drink powder and you would see that it has to be brimming – with micronutrients and anti-oxidants.

Do you know that if you take the B vitamins in an uncontrolled manner, then it may lead to your heart racing and triggering severe anxiety in the body? In green drink powder, vitamin B is normally sourced from wholefoods- thus leading to cause least amount of tension in your body.

Now, let’s find out few frequently asked questions about green drinks and their respective answers-


All About Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

  1. Is there any specific time to take green drink?

You can consume it anytime but not at least for 3 hours- after you have spent working-out hard in a gym. This likewise applies in the event you ditch gym and go for yoga, zumba or running. The inflammation caused due to hard-hitting physical training is a natural phenomenon. There is no need to chug along tall glass of green drink to mitigate it. So you can take it practically anytime during the day except post-work out.

  1. Would it be advisable for me to give it to my dog?

Your pets also need nutrition. But there are separate green supplements for dogs as well. While your furry-friend would have benefitted from eating green veggies in powdered form, they catch certain allergies from foods designated for only humans. So better consult to your pet’s vet, before giving your dog the green powder in tiny dosages every day.

  1. Should I take it during pregnancy?

A top quality green drink powder is healthy and contains nutrients and minerals only. It shouldn’t cause you any harm if you are pregnant. Still it’s always wise to ask your doctor first. If she/he green signals, then start taking the powder only a teaspoon once a day. Do it for 7 days and if everything seems fine, you may increase the intake gradually. But still, consult to your physician first!

Innovative Ways To Use Green Drink Powder

All About Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

There are innovative ways to soak the goodness of green drink powder, other than having it in water-y form or in pancake batter.

Make Baby Food

The store-bough baby foods have their share of preservatives. So take small amount of your premium quality green drink powder, mix it with water and fruit puree and feed your baby. But remember, do this only when you are baby is more than 1 year old.

Skin Care/ Hair Care

You can make your own purifying mask with green drink powder. Mix it with raw honey, green tea and water to prepare a mask and apply it on your face. Leave it for 20-25 minutes before washing it off. In similar fashion, to combat fizzy hair, mix green powder with virgin coconut oil and honey to apply in scalp and hair strands.


All About Green Drinks | Grab Athletic Greens

The above stated points give you a simple rundown about- why and how a green drink powder might work. Green drink is like elixir. It rejuvenates you, while keeping all the natural goodness intact. Before you shop for a quality green drink powder, do all the homework you can.